Prevent Freezing Pipes This Winter

There are several simple remedies to keep water pipes from freezing when the weather turns severely cold, as well as several remedies that can be costly. In either case, the idea is to prevent cold air from entering or to warm the area where cold air can't be stopped from entering. If pipes freeze check for pinhole leaks or cracks (after they've thawed) that can cause serious water damage to the home.

Help protect your pipes by leaving your taps running just a trickle, since flowing water won't freeze as quickly as still water.

Leave the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink open so that the room air can warm the pipes.

Place a lamp with a 60-watt bulb in the potential problem area to warm the walls and pipes. Make sure there are no combustible materials near the bulb.

As always, if you experience any issues contact maintenance at 832-5054

Meter Plate Installation ~~UPDATE~~

Starting 6 October 2014 a construction team will be revisiting every home that received a meter during the week of 22 September to 25 September to install a meter plate. The employees will be working from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. No utilities will be turned off nor will access to the inside of your home be needed to complete the meter plate project. The only area that will be...


Fencing Delay

We apologize for any inconvenience, but there has been an unforeseen delay in fencing installation for Gunfighter Manor. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding, and we will post updates as changes occur. Thank you!

Weed Control Notice

On Tuesday, June 24th Yardmaster will be in your neighborhood to spray the grass for broadleaf weeds. The sprinkler systems will be shut off 24 hours prior to the initial application and 24 hours after the final application. In order to make this a successful process we would like to ask you to do the following during this time: Please do not water the grass one day prior to the...


Now Leasing to Unaccompanied Airmen

Did you know that Mountain Home Family Housing is now leasing to eligible unaccompanied airmen? Save money, save gas, save time! Contact us today for more details.